Knowledge is Power


I recently attended an all day writing conference featuring best selling author, Bob Mayer. Hours of advice and teaching that had my brain hurting by the end of the day – but hurting in a ‘good’ way.

There are so many things I could share with you from that day, but I am going to spend time on two.

The Original Idea

Bob stressed the importance of this. Ultimately it is the seed that starts your story. And many writers can get stuck on the idea. But one of the things that resonated with me from this part of the talk was when he said: “Where’s the shiver?”

What excites you about the story? What excites the people you tell it to? Does it have umph? Emotion? Passion? THAT is what makes a good idea.


To Bob, the character is the most important part of the story. And here is where the talk got interesting. He said that a character’s turning points can be described as follows:

  1. What does the character want?
  2. What does the character really want?
  3. What does the character need?

As we know in life, wants and needs don’t always go hand in hand. The same goes for character. It’s definitely an interesting way to look at characters and their development.

One of  the tidbits of wisdom in discussing character and plot development was when he said that if the protagonist as they exist at the beginning of the book were thrown into the climactic scene at the end, they would fail.

Why? Because the character has to change and grow as the story progresses so that they CAN face their fears and the climatic scene at the end!

Cool stuff, huh? Do you understand why my head was hurting in a good way?

Before I sign off of my blog today, which is Memorial Day here in the US. I want to take a moment to thank the men and women who have served in our armed services. Your dedication and sacrifice should never be forgotten. Thank you.



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