Expect the Unexpected…

frog demon

One of the favorite things I like to do in my writing is introduce the unexpected. For me the unexpected comes out in my stories through twisting the everyday normal and making it abnormal (or if you have ever seen the wonderful movie, Young Frankenstein,  it’s known as Abby Normal).

Case in point – paranormal wedding planners. And what better way to introduce the story than to see it through the eyes of a human who until 5 pages into chapter one does not believe in the supernatural. Well, not until she is handed irrefutable evidence that is. But even then, she thinks she is having a breakdown. I mean, things that go bump in the night are part of our imagination, right?

So for my newest teaser, we dabble in frog demons… Expect the unexpected!

As May 2nd (aka release day) comes closer, I hope to share more of the unexpected with you. Stay tuned!




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