Picture This


In three short weeks IN SICKNESS AND IN ELF (aka ISAIE) will be released. And leading up to that celebration, I will be sharing more tidbits with you. Tidbits with pictures – what I call teasers. There is something so wonderful about offering a line or two of the story and linking it to a picture. Pictures convey mood and help give dimension to the words. Did the picture above help bring you a little further into the story? I hope so!

If you would like to see some more hints about the ISAIE universe, you can also visit my boards on Pinterest! Haven’t been there before? Well I have boards for all my books. Come check them out HERE.

What has been so great about this new series is that it centers around weddings and wedding planners but with a twist! These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill weddings. Nope. They are weddings for paranormal. And every time I think about the fact that my stories are about paranormal wedding planners it makes me giggle. So much to play with in this fun-filled world of mine. And even though the story has humor, it also has mystery and romance! A wonderful trifecta of storytelling, if you will.

So come along with me and share in the fun!



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