Wedding Addiction

wedding-1183270_640There is something addictive about weddings. So I thought I would spend some time examining why they wow us. It ties to the universal themes we are attracted to as a people. New beginnings, coming together as one, and of course love. Nothing screams love more than a wedding. Whether it takes place in a backyard with close family and friends, or in a cathedral with half the city, weddings are a chance to see love wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Is it any surprise that a couple’s wedding day is such colossal event? It is their day to showcase the wonder of finding someone to spend the rest of their life with. That is a scary-wonderful feeling on any given day. How do you truly capture that feeling? Doves? Marching band? Chocolate fountain? Fireworks?

And with this perceived “pressure” to make the wedding day the symbol of love (aka perfect) heightened emotions can raise their ugly head. Bridezillas, monster-in-laws, bridal party meltdowns, are also potential outcomes of wedding preparations.

Is it any wonder why weddings often play a part in romance? Sitting on the fence where one side means love and happiness and the other emotional turmoil, weddings are marvelous fodder for a story.

And that leads me to my new series which follows a group of wedding planners. But in my book worlds I add a delicious twist. My stories deal with paranormal who happen to be planning their weddings! Fun, fun and more fun!!

Can you imagine the paranormal wedding planner manual for this group?

No sunrise weddings for vampire brides…Full moon weddings are a giant ‘no’ if your best man is a werewolf…well, you get the idea!

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more tidbits in preparation for my release. For now, I’ll leave you with the title to get your imaginations ready.

Book 1 of my paranormal wedding planners series is titled:


Hee, hee. Let the fun begin 🙂




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