Are You Ready for a Wedding?


Yep, you heard it here first. My manuscript is heading to my amazing formatter to prepare it for release! Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing info about the new series with you and getting you prepared for a whole new cast of characters. YAH-to-the-HOO!

And I think you’re going to like these books (if I do say so myself). Teasers will be forthcoming as well as a new cover and blurb. And if you’re REALLY good, I’ll share some of the first chapter with you too!

What better way to prepare for spring than with a new story! Oh and new paranormal as well… I’m getting a little bit excited about this (can you tell?).

So what is this new series about? Well, I’ve been hinting about it for awhile, but if you’ve missed it, then I’ll tell you now in three words:


Does it make your imagination take flight? Mine sure did when I thought of it. Weddings are such a hotbed of emotion to begin with. Now add in a paranormal twist and pandemonium is sure to ensue. And I’m all about the pandemonium. So hang on and get your finest duds washed and pressed. We’re heading to a wedding very soon and it will be ANYTHING but normal!



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