Merry-Go-Round Writing


If you have been following me for a while now, you know that I often equate my writing to a rollercoaster. I even wrote an entire blog about it a while back (click HERE if you’re curious). Today I am going to form another analogy. Not only can life be like a merry-go-round, so can the business of writing.

That can be both positive and negative, right? I mean, carousels have cool animals and music and blinking lights that draw you to the ride. You get to climb aboard and imagine you are in another place full of magic.  But when the illusion starts to wear off, you realize that you are on a ride that is going around in circles.

Every process has a beginning, middle and end. And as a writer, if I start a new project, the cycle repeats itself. I write, edit, publish, repeat. It’s a good cycle, even if it tires you out at times.

So what do I do to make that ride a bit more exciting? Well, I don’t stay on the same animal for one thing. I get up, even when the ride is moving, and find a new pretty charge to ride. And I remember too that I can adjust that ride to speed up or slow down to what I need it to be.

Even if I am going in circles, it’s still a pretty amazing ride to be on!




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