Inspiration For Writers

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Inspiration is both a wondrous and wicked thing. When the creative juice is flowing for a writer, we can get inspiration from practically anything-a trip to the store, taking the garbage out, talking to a neighbor. Any of these seemingly mundane things can trigger ideas for authors to weave into their stories.

But at the same time, if creativity is stagnant, it sometimes feels like nothing can provide the inspiration to come up with new ideas, characters, plots, etc, etc, etc. And that’s when the wicked comes into play.

So what’s a writer to do? What I have found when my creativity has taken a siesta, is that if you stimulate other parts of your brain, it will sometimes help with your writing.

Visual: Pictures are often a great jumping off point to let your brain imagine a setting for a story, or the types of people (characters) who would be in the picture. For example, the picture in this blog could be a jumping off point for a mystical, magical story…

Auditory: Music can help with inspiration as well. Whether it is a symphony orchestra or a heavy-metal band, music can unlock the creative vault for writers. Many writers can’t write without music on in the background.

Prompts: Open ended questions or generic sentences that inspire writers to imagine what will happen next. For example, “When he opened the door, he couldn’t believe…” And you jump into the story from there. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will end up using this prompt in your actual books, but it allows you to oil that squeaky wheel of inspiration.

So go on, try something new. Inspire yourself and your readers!


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  1. It doesn’t always work, but I’ll keep trying. My problem is I need to clear everything on my plate so I’m not thinking about it and distracting my writing. Great post again.

    1. Thanks Barb. It is hard to clear your head from all that. I can’t ever totally clear it. Other things are running in the background while I try to write. I just try to ignore them 🙂

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