Short is Not So Sweet

I am working toward the release of my next book and have reached the stage where I am writing that dreaded/dratted blurb. The blurb is what you read on the back cover or flap of a book or the paragraph you find on the e-retailer sites.

word-sweet-1037108_640It’s a couple of paragraphs that are supposed to convey what the book is about, including the characters, plot, tone, etc, etc. That is a very tall order for a very short paragraph. And the saying “short and sweet” does NOT apply to the first or sometimes the fiftieth draft of a blurb. It can be a painful, painful process. Each word is important. If not? Cut it to make room for others.

As you can tell by the tone of this blog, blurb writing is not one of my favorite pastimes. And yet it is one of the most important aspects of marketing books (next to the cover, that is).  How many of us have clicked on the buy link after reading a blurb? Right. And that adds pressure to the writing of the dreaded/dratted blurb.

But I persevere because I want to let potential readers know about my stories in as quick of a soundbite as I can. I just need to draw them into the story and then I’ve got them where I want them (cue mustache twirling and maniacal laughter).

Blurb draft #18 here I come!


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