The Christmas Tree Standoff Continues

20151209_152356A couple weeks ago, I blogged about my Christmas trees and my cats deciding that it was their own personal kitty toy. Well my friends, the battle still wages on. I have attached the picture of my tree after my kitties got done with it. Yes as you can see, the bottom half is EMPTY. They pulled off the ornaments and I found them strategically placed throughout the house!

However I refuse to cave. My holiday party was last week and I redecorated the tree prior to the party. See the pretty picture below along with my mantle decorated for my party. And while I was redecorating it, I bent the tip of each branch up and around the stings holding the ornaments so that the cats could not pull them off easily. Ha! I will continue to fight. And we have now reached somewhat of a compromise. The very bottom row of the tree is bare now, but at least I have ‘made ground back’ over the past week.

And while others may have given up, I still forge ahead. I am used to having to rework my stories, so ornament hanging is not that much of an ordeal for me. I’m a writer which equates to STUBBORN in this world or maybe TENACIOUS is a better word. A writer has to be that way. We write and edit and edit and edit and still face rejection. But through it all we have a burning desire to tell our stories and allow our characters’ voices to be heard. In my worlds, the characters are quite LOUD in their opinions. Not sure where they get that from… And readers find me and tell me they like my stories and I am happy 🙂

So I continue, writing words that turn into sentences, paragraphs, scenes, chapters, and novels. And I also keep rehanging the ornaments on the tree. A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do. That’s the definition of TENACIOUS, right?



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