Forced Relaxation

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been talking about taking time to decompress with all the stress happening to and around us. In other words, take time to smell those daggone roses!

Well, this past week my body decided to force the relaxation upon me. I ended up with some cold/sinus/sore throat thingy and my Friday and Saturday was spent in my PJ’s sleeping and reading. Two of my favorite pastimes, if you will. Reading is such a joy to me and one that I have lost somewhat now that I’m a writer. The hours I used to spend reading are now spent crafting stories. So this past weekend, I got to read, read, read! And it was so much fun to get lost in another story. One that I didn’t have to write and worry about the character development, plot, etc.

I have always been a voracious reader which is why I ultimately became a writer. I have never met a writer who isn’t a READER. And I capitalize that word to show its importance. Addicted readers become addicted writers 🙂

So this weekend I didn’t do what I had planned, but I sure had fun playing hooky (excluding the whole sick thing, that is).

Relax on, my friends!


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