Christmas Tree Battle of the Wills

This past weekend (AFTER Thanksgiving) I put up my Christmas tree. And as I have spoken about in previous blogs I usually select a new theme each year. This year, I decided to do red, black and silver which turned out very nicely, if I do say so myself! What I haven’t spoken about is the battle that begins once my tree goes up. I have two cats. And if you live with cats, enough said. But if you don’t live with cats then let me educate you.

A Christmas tree is the granddaddy of all temptations to a cat. It is a giant sparkly toy that they can climb, bat at, chew on, and don’t get me started on what they do to the ornaments! I have experienced all of these escapades, although in the past couple of years my kitties have calmed down.


My boy cat likes to chew on the branches. Not sure why green plastic is appetizing to him. So battle number one is stopping him from chewing. Two nights ago they knocked an ornament off the tree and I found it across the room. And last night they knocked two ornaments off and pulled some of the ribbon garland out of the tree. Sigh. The sneak attacks have begun. From the looks of the tree when I arrived home from work today, it looked like they’d climbed it.

But I will not be deterred! My Christmas tree will survive two inquisitive felines. And I will not let them stress me out. Actually I will not let the season in general stress me out. It seems like the holidays have become more harried and stressful over the years and so I plan on taking a breath, relaxing, and spending time in my make-believe worlds where I control everything that happens. There is something cathartic about writing, especially for a control freak like myself 🙂

I’ll let you know if the battle wages on. And while I’m at it, I thought I would share a picture of my tree (still standing for now) and my cats looking innocent (but we all know the truth).

4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Battle of the Wills

  1. Cute post, the hazards of a cat owner at Christmas. Even plastic ornaments on the bottom won’t help if they climb up inside. I wish you well. December is a long month.

  2. beautiful tree, and kitties
    I gave up on Christmas trees when the inside kitty count went past 4. Love all 7 but no tree would stand a chance. Lights up high on wall , decorations up high too.

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