Squeaky Wheel

oil-can-clip-art-75668Sometimes it feels like we go, and go, and go, and don’t stop. At least I find myself doing that. Like a mouse on a squeaky wheel, I run toward a goal not stopping to take care of that annoying squeak cause I just don’t have time.

Well this weekend I stopped. After what happened in France on Friday, I stopped. I jumped off that annoying wheel and looked around. And I decided that I needed to take a break, or a time out, or whatever I wanted to call it. But I wasn’t going to feel guilty if I didn’t write, or work on my next marketing strategy, or figure out what my writing plan is for 2016. I stopped and stood outside, letting the sun hit me square in the face.

I didn’t make any plans for the weekend (which is very unlike me). I just went. And I took a breath. Something we all need to do when it just gets to be too much. Take a breath. Enjoy family and friends.

Be thankful.

I know some might say I am a little premature on that sentiment, since Thanksgiving in the US isn’t until next week. But I don’t think being thankful for what we have should be relegated to once a year.

So jump off the squeaky wheel. Breathe and be thankful. Come on, I know you have it in you.

And before you jump back on again, oil that wheel for goodness sake! And take care of yourself so that it doesn’t start squeaking again…

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