Goldilocks and the Three Beginnings

20151109_205418While my current book is at the editor getting ‘beautified’ I started working on the next story in my new series. I am really excited about it too. I think that the hero and heroine will be a fun pair to explore and the overarching trope is enemies to lovers which should be a BLAST to write. And then I started writing that dreaded beginning, and while there was funny parts to it, I just didn’t think it felt right.I guess you could say it was TOO COLD.

There is something so important about the beginning. It sets the mood of the story and draws the reader in. And many authors sweat buckets as they write it. Those first few pages can be the reason why someone stops reading the story or doesn’t buy the story after they’ve perused the sample. Just a little bit of pressure here…

So I moved on to beginning number two which takes place at a different place in the story. A bit more action, not a whole lot of funny and again, I just wasn’t feeling it. And I figured out that while the scene is good, it wasn’t where I was supposed to start. TOO HOT.

You guessed it, on to beginning number three. A little bit of funny, a little bit of action (not that kind of action) and a little bit of getting to know the hero and heroine. It’s not too cold or too hot. But don’t let that fool you, it doesn’t mean that it won’t be revised again. More motivation, more conflict, etc. Those tweaks are like adding the nuts, and raisins, and a little bit of brown sugar to the story porridge to make it JUST RIGHT.

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