Halloween Party: Take 2

20151026_192134This past weekend, I had my second Halloween party of the season, which was my neighborhood costume party. This year, my neighbors came up with AMAZING costumes!

I apparently bring out the competitors in each of them. Everyone takes pride in being very creative. Each year, the group votes for best costume. And then a ribbon or a ‘very-expensive’ plastic trophy is awarded to the winners.

The winning couple this year dressed like a farmer and a Holstein cow including udder. For those of you who are city-folk, Holstein are cows with black and white markings. And if you don’t know what an udder is, I’ll let you Google that 🙂

Halloween reinforces (for me) that we all still have a child in us. One that wants to pretend. To be someone else if only for a night. Imagination is key. Maybe that’s why I love Halloween so much. Instead of writing about a character, I get to personify one instead. So cool…

Happy Halloween!

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