It’s Like Riding a Bike

20151012_184537Over the last month, I’ve been working very hard on the publishing and marketing side of my writing business. While this is a vital part of getting my name and books out into the world, ultimately the proof is in the writing, so to speak. So now it is time to settle back down into the writing. Which is really my favorite part of being “AE Jones” but for some reason I have been struggling a bit with it. I’m currently working on my new series and the first book needs some major revisions before I even THINK about sending it to my editor.

So it has taken a few days to turn off the business side of my brain to let the creative side emerge again. And even though I had to force myself to sit down this weekend and start writing, I realized that the old saying, “It’s like riding a bike…” is very fitting. You might start out wobbling and weaving down the road, but eventually you get your balance again and head down the path.

I think I came up with this analogy because I’ve been riding my real bike over the past few weeks and, trust me when I tell you, there has been some wobbling going on. But at the same time I had forgotten that feeling of speeding along with the wind and the sun. Makes me smile and this is the same feeling I get when a scene is going well for me. Tonight I am settling in for another writing session and there might be wobbling going on, but at least I’m moving forward!



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