October is Here…Let the Halloween Parties Begin

You heard right, my followers. My favorite month is here! October. The beginning of fall and my favorite holiday.


Love, love, love it. I had my first Halloween party of the year on Saturday. I wanted to have it early, hoping for good weather. It was 50 and raining, so there was no outside celebration. But we still had fun! Or I had fun, and hopefully my guests did too. Every year I have a theme for my parties and I decorate according to that theme. This year it is Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin. Or more specifically, Linus’ Great Pumpkin. Linus is the voice of hope and belief in the Charlie Brown universe, and by default, he is the storyteller.

Maybe that’s why I like Linus the best. Because he tells the stories and spreads the joy of believing in something ‘beyond’ the mundane. And that’s why I’m a storyteller too. There is something amazing about suspending disbelief and building a world of people who are so different then us, but we nevertheless relate to.

So join me in celebrating my favorite month. Suspend disbelief and read a wonderful book, or write one!

decorations on my mantel - it's all about THEME
decorations on my mantel – it’s all about THEME


One thought on “October is Here…Let the Halloween Parties Begin

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  1. Fall brings beautiful colors and the promise of change. Then The Great Pumpkin comes and scares us with the knowledge that the next gust of wind will bring snow. I like Spring when there are colorful flowers, budding trees, and the hope that life can start anew with a second chance.

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