Time to Par-taaay!

Why the celebration, my followers? Let me explain. Tomorrow, September 15th, is Mind Sweeper’s birthday. Yep, my first book is celebrating its first birthday. And since this is a MOMENTOUS occasion, Kyle, Misha, Jean Luc and the rest of the gang want to party. And we’re not talking a quick song while blowing out birthday candles on a store bought cake. No siree, Bob.

To top of the celebration, next Monday, September 21st, Sentinel Lost, book 5, will be released! Cue more cheers and celebrating!!!

So let me tell you about the festivities:

  1. SALE! To celebrate Mind Sweeper’s birthday, I have lowered the digital price to 99 cents for a limited time!!! That’s right. If you haven’t had a chance to read Mind Sweeper or have someone you want to recommend it to, now is the time to try out the series. Keep your eyes open for Mind Sweeper sales notices around the web too. 99 cents people…..
  2. TEASERS! Every day this week, I will be sharing teasers – visual tidbits – to prepare you for the Sentinel Lost release!
  3. BLOG POSTS! Over the next two weeks I will be showing up on several sites with some fun posts and interviews. I’ll let you know as it’s happening, but I will be spending time on Heart Shaped Glasses, Get Lost in a Story, Romance Junkies and Heroes & Heartbreakers!
  4. BLITZ! On September 21st several blog sites will be announcing my release with blurbs and excerpts and teasers. It will be a fun-filled day. And of course I will be sending out my newsletter and putting up my release day post – tiara picture included!
  5. NOOK PROMO! You heard it here first! On Friday, September 25th, Mind Sweeper will be featured as a Nook First Promo on the Barnes and Noble website at its sale price of 99 cents! Whoot! Awesome, huh!

Whew… That tired me out just typing it! I hope you find some time over the next two weeks to partaaay with me and the rest of my characters!


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