Persistence, Persistence, Persistence

In two weeks, Sentinel Lost, book 5 in the Mind Sweeper Series will release. And that is cause for celebration! How will we celebrate this auspicious occasion? First I’ve got more teasers coming for you, starting with a new one tomorrow. And I’ll be visiting some blog sites over the next few week with posts and interviews.

Kyle and all the other characters in her world are such a joy to write. And it is an even bigger joy to share their journey with you. The interesting things about this blog is that I have tried to write it three times today. Once this morning when the electricity went off. Once this afternoon when my internet provider went down and now. So I am frantically typing this in the hopes that I will be able to post this without incident. You may wonder why I didn’t give up on it today. Well, I can tell you that is is all about persistence. And that is a word that every writer knows intimately. We embrace it. For many of us, it is a mantra that plays itself over and over in our heads.

Ultimately, a writer has to believe enough in their ability, in their stories, and in their characters to continue down a path that can be riddled with rejection. In my case, persistence is my middle name. My family and friends would probably use the word stubborn, but it equates to the same thing. I knew I had to tell my stories and here we are, 5 books later, in a world of supes and norms living in Cleveland, Ohio, of all places.

I’m so happy you’re walking along with me down this path. Thanks for giving me a reason to keep writing!

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