Checklist Mania is Back!

20150817_143049This past weekend I jokingly posted on Twitter that I needed a checklist to keep track of my checklists. Why, you ask? I’m in the process of preparing for my September release of Sentinel Lost, book 5 in my Mind Sweeper Series and there a lot of little things (and not so little things) to accomplish before then. While editing and cover art are a HUGE parts of the publishing process, there are numerous other steps after these are completed before a book is ready for release.

The books need formatted for digital and print. In other words, they need to be placed into a file format that works on Amazon and B&N and Apple and any other retail site you sell from. I then have to confirm that the formatted files are correct and load them digitally to the retail sites to release for preorders. Then we (me and my imaginary friends) have blog posts and interview posts to write. I have to spread the news of my release somehow, right?

I have to update the retail sites, Goodreads and my own website with information about my series. And let us not forget about reviews, reviews, reviews!

And now that I am five books in, I am starting to strategize more about advertising and using my earlier books to entice sales of my later books…I never thought I would be developing marketing and sales strategies as an author. Silly, silly me!

Sentinel Lost will be released on September 21st. Over the next five weeks I will be posting and marketing and advertising and spreading the overall joy that a new book is ready to join the world. I hope you come along for the ride…

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