Balancing Act

20150810_205439If you have been following my tweets and FB posts lately you know that I have just finished final proofs on book 5 of my Mind Sweeper Series. And I am so very happy to be done with that part of the process. Sentinel Lost will be released in September, but my job is far from over. Now comes the preparation for release, preorders, as well as marketing and promotion for this book. While I’m preparing for all that, I am also working on my next book.

Being an author is a lot of things. It really is a balancing act. Like plates spinning on sticks. The plates stay suspended on the edge of that stick as long as someone keeps spinning them. And while my publishing plate spins, my author plate turns on the stick, as does my editor plate…well, you get the idea.

As part of this journey, I have to tell myself that sometimes the plates will slow down and wobble like crazy and that is OKAY. No one (that I know of) is able to spin multiple plates the first time they try. Each of us learn at our own speed. When I first started, I was spinning one writer plate on one stick and it was hard. But I learned. Then the editing plate decided to get involved, and so on.

My friends ask me sometimes if I feel overwhelmed with what I am trying to accomplish. And in all honesty, depending on the day and the plate I am spinning, the answer is yes.

But I also know that each step of this process is a learning experience and each spin of the plate is an opportunity which is why I keep this balancing act going. When the plates are spinning in harmony, it’s a magical feeling.



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