Reflecting on Nationals

Last week my blog was about my conference hangover and how I was trying to reconnect with the real world. Now that my brain appears to be functioning again, I have had time this past week to reflect on my experience at RWA Nationals this year. And for me, I think that the 2015 Nationals was all about CONNECTIONS.

When I arrived at the airport, I met up with several authors who were traveling on the same flight to New York. And boy did we have a blast at the terminal waiting for our flight. Not sure if people moved away from us or not, but when a group of romance writers get together…the conversations can get a little interesting.

And the fun didn’t stop there. We were stuck on the tarmac for two hours when we landed in LaGuardia, but we took it all in stride. When we finally got off the plane, a woman stopped us and thanked us for entertaining her while we waited!

The entire trip was about connections for me. Meeting new writers and reconnecting with old friends. But the highpoint of the conference was meeting my fellow First Book nominees. We had spent months blogging, tweeting and facebooking about being finalists. And finally meeting them face-to-face was so wonderful. Because here’s the thing…you can be up for an award and that is pretty cool, but the friends you make along the way? That’s what really matters.

At the reception, we “Firsties” spent time together and snapped this awesome picture!

Left to Right: Alyssa Alexander, Natalie Meg Evans, Sonali Dev, AE Jones, Patience Griffin, Clara Kensie, Elia Wnters
Right to Left: Alyssa Alexander, Natalie Meg Evans, Sonali Dev, AE Jones, Patience Griffin, Clara Kensie, Elia Wnters



One thought on “Reflecting on Nationals

  1. For me its all about connections, too. Meeting people who you only know through facebook, or met once at a conference. That was worth the expense of the conference. We did have a blast going to New York, the fun made the delay easier to take.

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