Twas the Night Before Nationals

In lieu of my normal Monday blog, I decided to write a poem in preparation for heading to RWA Nationals tomorrow…I hope you enjoy!

Twas the night before Nationals and all through the land
Writers were frantically making plans;
Shopping, last minute laundry and packing their bags
With clothes, costumes and extra cool swag;
In preparation for their upcoming trip
Where they will travel by train, car, plane, or ship;
To the isle of New York, the city that never sleeps
Which is a good thing since the city will find it hard to keep…
These writers in check.

So much to learn, absorb and explore
With workshops and spotlights and book signings galore;
Camaraderie, networking, and just plain fun
Contracts will be signed and awards will be won;
Before we know it the week will come to a close
And we will return home to write our own prose;
But not without new memories and life-long friends
Who become our cheerleaders and remind us in the end…
It comes down to Romance.


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