A New Fashion Statement

20150713_151448In one short week I will be on my way to RWA Nationals in New York City. And I have been working through my checklist of things to finish before I go…
• Finish editing book 5
• Order books for book signings
• Finish swag items
• Pick out outfits
• Buy essentials
• And the list goes on…

But one thing that wasn’t on my checklist was hurting my foot. Two weeks ago I landed the wrong way on the side of my foot and it proceeded to swell up and turn black and blue. Off to the urgent care I went to get an x-ray. And as I waited for the results the same words kept going through my mind. I’m leaving for NYC my foot can’t be broken…I’m leaving for NYC my foot can’t be broken.

Then I calmed myself down. My friends asked me what I would do if I had to wear one of those wonderfully fashionable medical boots to the conference. My answer? No problem. I would bedazzle it and maybe even screen print the cover of Mind Sweeper on the side. Because I will not be deterred from enjoying the conference.

The x-rays came back with no break, thank goodness. But my foot has only been happy in tennis shoes so far. So what does that mean? I may be pulling off a new fashion statement at Nationals this year. Almost all of my outfits I am taking are dresses. And I do not have the time or inclination to go out and find new outfits that ‘work with’ tennis shoes. So dresses and tennis shoes are now my modus operandi.

And this is the life of a writer. Something will always surprise you during the writing and editing process. Something unexpected that can derail you or you work around to find a new solution.

If you are heading to RWA Nationals and see a woman walking around in (what I think are) cute dresses with ridiculously casual running shoes introduce yourself. Odds are it’s me!


6 thoughts on “A New Fashion Statement

  1. Does that mean I have to buy a pair so we match at the banquet? You can pull it off. Besides after a week of running up and down 6?? levels of conferences more than you will be wearing them, or kicking themselves for not bringing a pair.

    1. Barb!
      So funny about matching shoes…I may actually wear black flip-flops under my dress for the banquet. It’s a long dress this time so I could probably pull it off! Hah! And you’re right about everyone wanting to wear tennis shoes by the end of the conference anyway. I am just a trend setter!

  2. Good for you! Things happen, roll with them. Sometimes form has to take precedence over fashion. Can’t wait to see you and cheer for all of our Luckies on Saturday night!

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