It’s July…Let the Celebration Begin!

Yes, I know that today is Thursday for many of us and you are wondering why I am posting my Monday Blog on Thursday.

Well…let me explain why! I have multiple fun reasons…

We are finally in July and I cannot ignore the fact that I will be heading to New York City in a few short weeks for the RWA National Conference. Which includes the RITA Award Ceremony. Gulp! Heck, make that a double gulp! Up to this point I have been keeping myself calm with the idea that I still had time. That the conference was a ways off. Not true anymore, my followers.

So instead of folding up into the fetal position and mumbling to myself, I thought I would gear up for the celebration and bring you all along for the ride!

So how am I celebrating Mind Sweeper’s double RITA nomination?

First, I have a Goodreads Giveaway happening RIGHT NOW. The giveway will continue through most of July, ending on Award Ceremony night. You can win one of three signed copies of Mind Sweeper that I am giving away. Check it out HERE.

Second, if you have been following along, I am participating in the wonderful ‘Fiesta of Firsts’ with the other First Book RITA nominees. Each Friday we are sharing different firsts. Tomorrow is my week to host the party! So I will be posting another blog tomorrow that will stay up all next week as well. So think of today’s blog as your Monday Blog 🙂 Remember that as part of the First Celebration you can win a basket of books too. So come visit my site tomorrow to sign up for more giveways!

Third, I will be digging out some of the original teasers I used for my Mind Sweeper release. To put me and the rest of you in the right frame of mind for the upcoming awards ceremony. Today I am starting with the line that brought the Mind Sweeper series into being. I so love this teaser!

Regardless if I come home from New York with a statue or not, this experience has been amazing. I have already made new friends and I plan on soaking in all that I can in NYC! Stay tuned…


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