The Experience is What Really Matters

Every year my father and I participate in our city’s Chalk Walk event. We have gotten pretty good at it over the years, if I do say so myself. We take our supplies with us, including knee pads, water, brushes, paper towels, etc. And then the city provides free chalk for us to use on the sidewalks.

This year I was upset to find out that I was going to be out of town on Saturday when Chalk Walk took place. VERY UPSET. So we came up with the idea to do our own chalk walk on Sunday (or I should say I came up with the idea and convinced my father to play along).

So here was our plan:

  • Choose picture to draw
  • Dad to pick up free chalk on Saturday
  • Draw picture on Sunday

Sounds easy, right? Well…it would have been if we hadn’t had to deal with RAIN. It poured rain at my house Sunday morning and I thought we were done. But it didn’t rain in town where we were going to draw. As I drove to my dad’s house it started to rain. And we thought we were finished, but after a few minutes it stopped and the sun came out.

Dad drawing the outline

We looked at each other, grabbed our supplies and headed into town, knowing that the rain was coming again and we probably wouldn’t be so lucky the next time. And we sat on the sidewalk, by ourselves, surrounded by drawings from the day before and black clouds overhead. Dad had already drawn a preliminary sketch on cardboard to help speed up the process when it came time to draw on Sunday. Not sure if he was fearful of the rain or the cops coming and asking us what we were doing!

As he drew, I colored and the drops started again. I threw my arms up into the air and yelled ‘no’! Really, I did. It was quite dramatic. We took a quick picture of the partially completed drawing, fearful we were defeated.

See the raindrops! Thought we we finished for sure!

But my father, brilliant man that he is, threw a blanket over me and the drawing and I finished it while it sprinkled. And we laughed as I knelt on hands and knees over the picture and my dad held the blanket. He would periodically peek underneath and tell me what needed fixed. And this chalk walk will definitely stick in my mind as one of the most memorable!

Here is the final picture. Pretty nice, huh? About 45 minutes after we finished the skies opened up and rain poured down over our drawing. But it was okay, because the experience was what really mattered to us.

Final Product!!




In some ways this process made me appreciate my writing path even more. Sometimes I have to remember that I can’t let things defeat me whether real or imagined. This weekend taught me that it’s overcoming the obstacles along the way that make the finished product that much sweeter in the end!

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