Good Things DO Still Come In The Mail

Are you intrigued by my blog title? I would be. Usually my mail contains bills, ads, magazines I didn’t order and credit card applications (are there really THAT many credit card companies?).

20150615_173238And since I was away this past weekend I was dreading opening my mailbox because I would have multiple days of junk mail to sort through. I was pleasantly surprised to find a small box in my mail with an invitation to attend a reception at RWA Nationals to celebrate being a 2015 RITA nominee. And there were two RITA pins included with it!


My emotions went into hyper-drive when I opened it. I was excited like a kid on Christmas morning, and at the same time humbled to be part of this wonderful group of writers.

I have been spending some virtual time with several of the first book nominees and they are an amazing group of women. It is so important to forge strong relationships with other writers. Who better understands what I’m going through? and vice versa?

And so I wanted to share this moment with you as well. Positive reinforcement is a very GOOD thing. Especially for writers who over-analyze everything. Is my writing good enough? Am I good enough?

So I’ll take a moment to celebrate this wonderful gift that came in the mail today. And nominations or not, I’ll continue to work hard to write the best stories I can.

6 thoughts on “Good Things DO Still Come In The Mail

  1. Don’t be settling on those gorgeous little pins. Trade them in for the Golden Goddess to place in a place of honor that you can see from across the room. I’ll help you carry it if it’s too heavy.

  2. Much deserved Congratulations, AE!
    And let me just say, “Your writing is MORE than good enough. YOU are MORE than good enough!”
    Eagerly awaiting your next story,


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