Release Day! The Mind Sweeper Novellas

novellas 3d boxset copyHappy June, my friends! Today is the release day for The Mind Sweeper Novellas, my first box set. And as usual I am writing my release day blog. This year has been a busy one for me so far. And today is a fun day because I’m releasing my two novellas, The Fledgling and the Pursuit, in one digital book (which is what a box set or bundle is for those of you who were wondering πŸ˜‰ )

This series has become such a part of me and I love sharing it with all of you! Book five, Sentinel Lost, is going through the edit process as I type this. It should be coming out mid September which will be fun since Mind Sweeper released September 15th, 2014. So we will be celebrating its one year anniversary as well!

Today I am kicking off my release by spending time with one of my writer friends, Marin McGinnis, on her blog. I answered some great interview questions and also shared a picture of my writing space as well. Come check out the interview HERE.

And you would like to check out my box set, click HERE.

20150614_100305Finally my release day blog is not complete if I don’t provide you with a tiara picture. For those of you who may have just started following my blog, each release day I take a picture with my ‘writer’s tiara’. I bought my tiara and wand (it was a set) at my local dollar store last fall right before the release of Mind Sweeper. And I have been taking release day pictures with it ever since. For this picture I’m holding my wand instead of the book since the box set released as digital only. And since I write paranormal, I like to think of it as my magic wand. I only wish it could help me when I have writer’s block!


What happens when I put down the wand for two seconds!
What happens when I put down the wand for two seconds!







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