Oh Joy! To Edits We Go…

So if you follow me on Twitter and Facebook you already know that this past weekend I sent book 5 to my editor. Thank goodness! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, the editing process can be compared to a lot of things…

If it’s going well, it makes you giggle and clap yourself on the back. If it’s going not so well, it makes you beg for pain reliever! Here’s the thing. This book is your baby and when you write your characters and scenes and plots they all make amazing and brilliant sense to you as the writer because the world exists IN YOUR HEAD. So when someone tells you that it needs work it can be (not always) a hard pill to swallow.

For me, I’ve gotten better at listening and taking advice from my critique partner, beta readers and editor. Because ultimately we all want the same thing – to make the story better so that when others read it they are drawn in and the world IN THEIR HEAD makes perfect sense.

So what am I doing while my editor is working her magic? I’m glad you asked! I’m having some fun with the other RITA® First Book Finalists. As I mentioned last Friday, we’re sharing ‘first stories’ with you. Last Friday it was all about our ‘first book crush.’ If you missed it, check out Sonali Dev’s blog HERE.

As part of this First Soiree, we are giving away one of our books each week. This week Sonali is giving away A Bollywood Affair if you comment on her blog, facebook or twitter! And this coming up Friday will be another first post and book giveaway from Alyssa Alexander!

At the end of the seven weeks, we will also be giving away a bunch of books to the lucky grandprize winner. You can click on the ‘rafflecopter’ in Sonali’s post as well to enter for the grand prize.

I’ll be talking to you soon…




2 thoughts on “Oh Joy! To Edits We Go…

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  1. It should be a piece of cake by now. You know your characters and they know who each other’s moods and actions. And true readers of your series don’t have to be told every little thing. Keep up the good work. So proud of you.

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