Writer Camaraderie

Writers often work in isolation. We create our stories on paper or the computer screen. So when the opportunity arises to spend time with other writers, we often jump at the chance. This past weekend, I attended my local writing chapter’s conference and had a wonderful time. There was fellowship, education, commiseration, cheer-leading, and general joviality to be had. And it was a great respite because even when our characters talk to us, that isn’t the same thing as spending time with other writers who ‘get’ the obsession.

Other writers don’t flinch when you tell them the voices won’t leave you alone. They understand when you talk about the inability to walk away from your laptop when you’re in the middle of a good scene. They know about the fear of sending your baby (manuscript) out into the world for the first time. They celebrate with you when your book releases.

So organizations like NEORWA and RWA help me to leave my writer’s island and spend time with others. A time to recharge my batteries. A time to learn and share. A time to get excited about writing again.

And as I prepare myself  for RWA’s national convention in July, I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be spending some time over the next two months on social media with some amazing writers. They are the fellow nominees for RWA’s RITA® Award for best first book. Check us out HERE

How fun! We’ll be sharing more on what we’re planning soon. So stay tuned for fun, frivolity, and firsts…


2 thoughts on “Writer Camaraderie

  1. I know when I go to these events, it recharges me. Talking with like minded people with similar problems, hopes and fears. Great Post. And when you win all those trophies, I’ll be the one screaming across the room. Can’t wait.

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