Yes I Make Things Up

Bodiam CastleDid I grab your attention with the title of today’s post? I think it should come as no surprise that as a writer I indeed ‘make things up’. Writing paranormal pretty much means you are writing about the fantastical. I live in the land of make believe. Groups of beings with powers beyond the ‘normal’ human. They can do things that many of us wish we could do.

I even make up words to suit my needs. Why not? If I am dealing with supernatural beings, it would make sense that they would use different words than a normal human. It adds a little bit of ‘other’ to the story. So for those of you who wondered, ‘demonist’ is not a real word 🙂

Then there is world-building or mythology. Yep, you guessed it. Made up. Now, some may be based on already existing lore, for example, I didn’t make up the IDEA of a vampire. (I wish I had…do you know how rich I would be right now?) But I create rules for my vampires in my world. For example, my vampires can go outside during the day. And then there are my demon clans. What a kick they are! Each one part of my imagination down to clan name, eye and skin color and powers.

Now here’s where the interesting part comes in. Even though I am making up much of what I write. My supernatural’s reactions, emotions, and thoughts have to be based in some sort of reality. As readers we have to be able to relate to these fantasy characters. So although my vampire may be hundreds of years old and powerful as all get out, he still struggles with telling the female he loves that he needs her in his life. And as ‘human’ readers we can relate to that.

As a writer I have to pair fantasy with reality to pull people into my land of make believe…

Attribution: The picture above is of Bodium Castle in East Sussex by


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