Writing Away on a Sunny Day

20150504_121953So this weekend was absolutely gorgeous where I live. On Sunday it got up to 77 degrees and people were rejoicing. I mean this literally after the winter we just suffered through. Everyone was out in their yards, gardening, mowing, barbecuing, sun bathing…enjoying what we have not had for over six months.

What did I do this weekend? Shouldn’t come as a shock to you that I was writing.

And it’s not easy to stare longingly at the sunny sky and not want to wander outside in a daze of wonder. But I’m on a deadline, heading into the homestretch of book five and I can’t slack off too much at this point. So I compromised. I sat on my Dad’s screened in porch, which has a table and electricity and I typed away on my laptop. That way, I enjoyed the weather and the screens stopped me from wandering around aimlessly in the yard, which I so wanted to do…oh look at the pretty flower…you get the idea.

Plus I didn’t want to expose my extremely pale (imagine vampire) skin to too much UV at any given time, right?

And the compromise worked. I wrote 6500 words this weekend which is AMAZING for me and I still got to smell the spring flowers as they wafted through the screens on the porch.

Very proud of my hard-working, pale-skinned self!

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