Roller Coaster Writing

Roller_Coaster_01I had a very productive writing weekend, my friends. Very productive indeed. If you’ve been following my journey lately, you know that I had been feeling quite tapped concerning my writing. And that is NOT a good thing. As I told you in last week’s blog I did what the Doctor ordered. I took a vacation.

And now I’m back into the thick of things…characters, plot, mystery. And they are coming to me faster than before. I can chalk some of that up to my sunny vacation. But I think the other important thing that has happened is I have moved over the hump. Written the dreaded middle of the book and am now waving at it as I head toward the ending.

I often equate my writing to that really BIG roller coaster hill. You know the one I’m talking about. Let me bring you along with me on my writing journey/roller coaster ride.

1) I walk up to the coaster and look up at it = I have an idea for a story and butterflies are starting as the ideas bubble beneath the surface.

2) I get in line to ride the coaster = back story, character development, plot ideas start to form in my head and jockey for position.

3) I sit down in the car and strap on my belt = I type those first words and we chug out of the gate.

4) I start up the hill = what is the deal with my heroine and hero? What else do I need to let the reader know to build this new excitement, how to create this new story?

5) Still heading up that big hill, when the heck am I going to get there? = okay, I’ve laid the foundation I need to get to the middle (even though I dread it).

6) I’m at the top, holy crap, we are creeping along now…when am I going to go over? = oh middle of the book, why do you torture me so?

7) Finally I go over the top and I’m screaming as we speed toward the bottom = The ending is in sight! I have to write, write, write to see where this ends up! AHHHH…  (I am HERE right now).

8) I bottom out and think it’s over, but instead the car jogs to the side and I am now spinning in another series of twists and turns = so I thought I could just rush to the end and forget about tying up loose ends…not so much. I still have more to work out and share with the reader.

9) The car stops and I giggle, run my hands through my hair, stand up on shaky legs, and head toward the back of the line to ride it all over again = I wrote ‘the end’. How cool is that? But I have to take the ride again as I revise it. And then I invite my editor to ride along with me.

10) Now I start to look around for the next coaster = Onto the next book!

So there you have it. My writing style defined in ‘roller coaster speak’.

Hope you enjoyed the ride!



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    1. Thanks. The funny thing is I could have kept going with the analogy. The sweaty palms, stomach flips, etc all part of an author’s life too!

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