Just Let Go

20150412_195408You might have noticed that last week I missed my normal Monday blog. Sorry I left you in the lurch my friends, but I took a vacation. An honest to goodness real vacation in sunny Florida where I enjoyed food, slushy drinks, sun and water. For those of you who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you got some glimpses of what my vacation was about.

But I thought that for this blog I would share a bit more of what last week meant for me as well. In all honesty, this vacation was very, very, necessary. I haven’t had a real vacation in more than five years. Sure I’ve taken time off from my day job to attend writing conferences and to write, but that isn’t really a vacation, is it?

And even though I love to write, I wasn’t giving myself time to RECOUP or REJUVENATE or RELAX. And that was starting to affect my writing. I wasn’t excited when I sat down to write my scenes. My writing sessions became more about word count and less about story. And that just won’t do.

So off I went to St Pete’s Beach where 85 degree sunny weather and amazing sunsets greeted me. And I didn’t think about work or writing. I just relaxed which is easy to do when you walk over soft sand and dip your toes in the gulf as the sound of waves lull you. Are you there with me?



Last night I wrote a scene that made me smile, and I didn’t care how many words I typed. I cared about what my characters experienced and how it would affect the story. That is what I should be doing when I write. And my first day at work was not as stressful as the ones before I left. So overall the vacation was a success.

This last picture summarized my vacation theme. I hope to live by this other times as well…Just let go


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