Yes, Mondays Can be Fun Too

Now I know what you’re thinking, I have officially lost it with that title, right? I mean, come on AE, how can Mondays be fun? Well, I’m going to share my reasons with you. (You’ve probably been following me long enough to have seen that one coming).

First, it was sunny and in the sixties today. That in itself is reason to dance naked on the rooftops. (And before you ask…No, I did not do that and I am not suggesting you actually dance on your roof naked or not. It is meant to be a symbolic expression of joy).

Second, they had mashed potatoes and gravy in the cafeteria. And yes that is a big deal to me. I love mashed potatoes and gravy. It’s my go to comfort food along with mac and cheese. So another win for camp AE today!

Third, I have a travel agent working on a vacation for me. Yes, I am trying to plan a trip where I will go somewhere warm and beachy. I will eat, sleep, and read. And I will be away from my day job and I also will NOT be writing. Doctor’s orders. Really….

Finally, I was able to give away one of my Mind Sweeper books today to a coworker. Each year at work we have a March Madness giveaway. My book along with a gift card was given to one of my coworkers today. How cool is that?

So that concludes my argument on why Mondays can be fun. Have I convinced you? That’s okay if you’re on the fence. You can check with me next week to see if I have changed my thoughts on the matter.


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