Time for Spring…Pretty Pretty Please

I have to tell you that I have never been so happy for March to finally unveil itself. For many of us, this winter has been incredibly, what’s the word?…horrible. And even though I may be deluding myself (since March in Ohio is normally snowy and wet) I am still dancing a jig to finally bid February adieu.

For an author, much like someone suffering from season affective disorder, we can get bogged down in our own horrible winter when we’re writing. We don’t like to think about it or to talk about it, but it’s a reality. Even though I love to spend time with my characters, they can wear me down. Or rather, the moving from plot point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ can wear me down. I can’t just jump to all the ‘cool’ scenes and not provide the ‘in between’ for the reader.

So now that spring is here (or at least in my mind it is) I am also moving forward on my work in process. It’s time to melt that heavy snow in my brain and give myself and you, the reader, glimpses of spring.


Pic courtesy of ForestWander Nature Photography


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