My First Book Club Experience

Yes, yes, yes, before you scold me… I know that this blog is a day late. But yesterday, I wanted to share the cover reveal for Amy’s Patrick’s upcoming book HIDDEN DEEP, which was a lot of fun. So here is my blog, one teensy day late.

Last week I attended my first book club meeting where MIND SWEEPER was the topic! Hee, hee. I was uber-excited about the idea of hearing a group talk about the first book in my series. So I decided as a thank you that I wanted to take something with me to the meeting. If you have been following me for awhile, you know that I am a bit twisted (that’s a lead-in to my explanation). I made cupcakes. But not your ordinary cupcakes cause what would be the fun in that? Instead, I made vampire cupcakes. Let me tell you it’s not easy finding plastic fangs in January! So fangs were used as was red frosting for blood. 20150205_082055-2

Now on to the meeting. Half of the group showed up which I thought was amazing because (and I haven’t mentioned this yet) we were having a HUGE snowstorm that night – as in, you weren’t supposed to be on the road unless absolutely necessary, snowstorm. Yet these ladies pulled on their parkas, cleaned off their cars, and came to the library to talk to me about my book. How awesome is that??

And I was all prepared. Fangy cupcakes in hand and psyched to answer questions about my book. But I was a bit surprised (in a good way) at the questions they asked. Instead of talking about the book, they jumped into questions about being an author.

Had I always known I wanted to write? Why did I write about Cleveland? Why did I write paranormal? Were any of my characters fashioned after people? What was my writing process? How did I find my editor? Why did I decide to write a series? Why do I write novels and novellas?

And the q’s went on. And it was a heck of a lot of fun. We did eventually talk some about the book itself. And they explained to me that each month when they got together they talked about the books. This time they got to understand how the book came to be and that was fun for them.

The evening was a great success and I can’t thank each of them enough for inviting me to their meeting. As a gift, they gave me a thank you card and flowers. I hugged the roses to me after the meeting as I headed out into the snowstorm grinning from ear to ear.




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