The Pursuit Release Day!

I am so excited to announce that The Pursuit is officially here! Released and ready for your reading pleasure. For more info on the particulars, click HERE. It is hard to believe that when I made the decision to self publish in January of 2014, that I would now be releasing my fourth book in my series. I have spent years writing these books and I hope that you are enjoying them. The characters are like family to me and from some of your comments and reviews, they feel like family to you too.

As usual, I am wearing my release day tiara. I started that tradition when I released Mind Sweeper since it was such a momentous occasion. The tiara is my way of highlighting the importance of the day. And I have continued the tradition through all of my book releases. Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess – a princess who can kick butt and take names – but a princess all the same.

20150208_113526So on this February day I look outside to see the snow melting (thank goodness) and the sun shining (okay, that is wishful thinking on my part). And I hope you join me in celebrating the day, no matter what you have planned. If I could, I would send you all a tiara to help you feel special too. Instead you’ll have to settle for a tiara picture.

If you have been following me for a while you know that I have two cats who also like to be part of the action as well. Today, Maggie decided that she wanted her picture taken too. So I’m sharing her beauty shot below. She also wanted to wear the tiara, but I put my foot down on that one.20150208_114028




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