The Hoop is Never too High

Every night after work, I walk at a field house that is down the road from my home. It’s a great way to get in exercise, especially in the winter months. The field house has a track on the perimeter and in the middle are basketball and volleyball courts. There is always something going on at the field house. It is never boring which helps the walking go by a little faster.

BasketballTonight I got to watch a basketball clinic for little kids. And by little, I mean that they use mini basketball since they wouldn’t be able to hold onto the regular size ones. And if they stood next to a regular basketball it would come up well past their knees!

As you can imagine, the kids are learning about how to dribble, how to turn, how to dribble and walk (cause that’s a lot harder than standing still and dribbling), how to shoot. And in order to shoot, the have to learn where to stand, how to squat slightly to give them momentum, how to push up from their knees and let the ball go, how to aim it toward the hoop. Exhausting, right?

Well, for kids, not so much.

Kids aren’t like adults. They don’t look at all they have to learn and think it’s too much. They don’t see the hoop as being too high. They do it for the fun, for the adventure. And when it’s broken down into parts, they can master the steps to learn the whole.

I think about my writing path and can equate it to learning how to shoot. If I had gone into writing with my eyes wide open and adult cynicism in place I would have never continued. I would still be wanting to write, but not finishing that first paragraph, or scene, or chapter, or book.

I’m glad that I got to see the kids trying their best AND having fun in the process. Because sometime I have to remind myself that I write for the FUN OF IT. That I can still giggle and cry with my characters. That as I start my countdown week for the release of book four in my series, that the hoop is never too high.

So let’s plan on having some fun this week! I will be starting countdown teasers tomorrow and I’ll share other interesting items that come up this week. I’m facing the hoop and I’m bending my knees and my arms go up, the ball releases…


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