Rebellious Me

So it is Monday night and normally writing my blog on a Monday is not a big deal. Tonight, however, it is a bit rebellious of me. You see, I live in Ohio and our beloved Ohio State Football team is playing Oregon in the National Championship. And I am writing this blog during the game.

Gasp!! The Horror!!!

No worries my Ohio friends and family, I have the game on as well. I can do two things at once. Honest…

So what to talk about today? Should I relate it to football? How about commitment, perseverance, a desire to work toward a goal that can seem both attainable and out-of-reach at the same time? Well, that can also be the definition of the life of a writer. I have to work diligently to tell my stories in a way to entice the reader, to pull them into the game.

And sometimes the chapters or scenes that I write are more like scrimmages. They are warm-ups that never make it into the final product, but are necessary to develop the story in my own mind (even though cutting scenes for writers can be extremely painful).

Because when it comes down to it, when I step out onto the field (release my books for the reader), I have to continue to improve. To give you the best stories I can. I have to ‘fill the seats’ so to speak. And I plan to keep doing that in the foreseeable future.

But now it’s time for me to say farewell for the night. I was a bit premature stating that I could do two things at once. I am giving myself whiplash turning toward the TV to watch the game every few seconds. And I totally understand if my fellow Ohioans do not read this until tomorrow. You have my permission to wait until after the game.

Go Buckeyes!


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