Why am I Celebrating that January is Finally Here?

Today was my last day off from my day job and I am heading back to work after the official end to the holidays. And while January used to depress me, it is now a good time of year for me. Or should I say for my muse?

I am not a winter outdoor enthusiast. There is no donning of skis or skates for me. I do not enjoy the snow and frigid temperatures, but they serve a purpose. They force me to sit in my seat and tell my character’s stories. And after all the hoopla of covers and selling and blogs and marketing and well, you get the idea, ultimately the writer’s job is to write.

So I am working on Kyle and the team’s next saga. Because I want to know what happens and from what I have seen from your comments and reviews, YOU want to know what happens too, right?

At times we all have to dig inside ourselves to resurrect our purpose. I don’t want to be a hamster on a wheel and that is what I am without purpose. I have found that I need to move forward.  Writing makes me move forward.

20141213_124926So as I turn up my furnace, pull on my fuzzy slippers, and make a cup of hot tea, I settle in front of my keyboard with my muse and my cat Dillon. It gets a little crowded sometimes but it’s worth it in the end!





2 thoughts on “Why am I Celebrating that January is Finally Here?

  1. OMG! You have the same cat as me!!! If you look them up on wiki they’re a Turkish Angora (smoky). I have photos up on goodreads under runningrabbit (I emailed you the other day).!!!!
    Wow – great minds think alike and all that.
    Have a great day.

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