New Year State of Mind

With only a couple of days until the 31st, I have flipped into what I call my “new year state of mind”. What do I mean? Well I think of the New Year as my time to hit the refresh button. So I get rid of the ‘old’, and I mean that literally. I clean my house, including going through my refrigerator, pantry, closets, garage, etc and clean out what I don’t need anymore.

Because it’s time to let in the new. New emotions, new thoughts, new ways of doing things. Just like the food in my pantry that has grown stale from not eating it quick enough, ideas can grow stale too.

So as a writer I have to embrace new ideas and learn how to better express myself in my stories. To grow so that my readers enjoy my books. Stale is NOT the word I want associated with my characters or plots. It is never too late to learn as a writer. Never too late to try something new. Never too late to let go of the old and move forward.

As we head into 2015, I hope that we all can look forward to a year filled with possibilities. We just have to remember that possibilities become realities if we work to make them so.

Here’s to whatever you hope for coming true next year!



One thought on “New Year State of Mind

  1. Thanks for the motivation, AE!! After reading your post, I eagerly began scanning my house for old stuff I could get rid of. The first thing that caught my eye was a half-finished bottle of old red wine. So I finished it, and threw away the empty bottle. The box of Christmas truffles sitting beside the wine was the next to go. (Pairing dark chocolate with red wine is so yummy!) It was very easy to put away the last few pieces while I sipped my wine. I can’t quite remember what I did next, because I got a little sleepy and went to bed, but the next morning when I opened my laptop, I did notice that I’d set up an account on Craig’s list. I had a partial description of an item (offered free to a good home) of a creature that sounded vaguely like my mother-in-law…

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