Thankful Days

Hello all! It’s hard to believe it has been a week since Shifter Wars released. Since it’s Thanksgiving week here in the states, I’m thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. I thought this year I would share them with you.

I want to send out a special thanks to all of you, my followers (website, Facebook & Twitter), for an amazing year of discovery, hard-work, dedication and PUBLICATION!  Thanks for your generous praise and support as I have shared my journey with you. I made my goal this year! Three books released with more to come next year. Wow.

I hope this has been as educational and fun for you as it’s been for me.

Thanks to my wonderful team: my editor extraordinaire, Faith; my phenomenal cover artist, Gabrielle; my proofreader, Claire; my formatter and amazing font of information, Amy; my publicity gurus Jennifer & Melanie; and my terrific teaser-creator, Nicole.

Thanks to all of the wonderful blog sites and review sites out there who have spread the news about my books.

A special shout-out to my NEORWA chapter mates who have stuck by me throughout this journey and cheered me on. And my Golden Heart sisters, the Luckies, who have been my support system as I maneuver my way through the self-publishing maze.

Thanks also to the readers of my stories – I can never forget about you! I hope you have as much fun reading about the adventures of Kyle and the gang as I do writing about them.

Finally a special thanks to my friends and family who have never doubted that I could do this. I am surrounded by people who believe in me. And that is the best gift of all.




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