Shifter Wars Release Day, Part 2!

I’m back…I wasn’t fully done with my thoughts there and instead of hitting ‘save draft’, I hit Publish! Hah! Must be because the word ‘publish’ has been in my thoughts for years….

So let’s get back to it! I was talking about snow. Now I live in Ohio so snow is inevitable. But since I am nestled in my house today celebrating my release, I will not curse snow too profusely!

Today, I will blog and tweet and visit Facebook and enjoy my release. And I will write too. You guys are expecting the next books and I can’t disappoint. Kyle and her team’s story is NOT DONE YET.

So I will leave you with my newest tiara picture. Remember, for both my other releases I wore my tiara. It makes me feel like a star! Since I hadn’t yet shared a picture of my book, I thought I would give you a two for one deal!

Thanks for celebrating my release with me!





2 thoughts on “Shifter Wars Release Day, Part 2!

  1. Love everything about this pic, AE…the book, the tiara, and most of all, the pricelessly proud look on your face.
    Happy, happy release day!

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