The Fledgling Release Day!

Hello and welcome to release day for the Fledgling! Can you believe that when we started this self-pub journey in January we would be here already, releasing book TWO of the Mind Sweeper Series? So what am I doing today? Well, I am actually going to work. Yes, you read that correctly. I am heading to my day job. But I am celebrating my release with enthusiasm! If you remember for my last release, I wore a tiara and carried a wand around (check out my Mind Sweeper Release Day blog if you don’t believe me).

20141012_150532[1]Today, the tiara is back out and will be worn as I drive to work. As evidence, I have attached a picture of said tiara, said author, and said car. See…I am not making this up! I did decide to leave the wand at home however, since holding it while driving is hazardous to my health and those around me! And of course attempting to work at my computer while holding the wand would be problematic as well.

But even if I did decide to wear my tiara all day long, I don’t think anyone at work would mind. I don’t know if that says more about the acceptance of my co-workers or the fact that they expect a little ‘crazy’ out of me 🙂

Maybe a little of both, right?

So join me in celebrating my release. Hold up a glass of virtual champagne and toast with me. Another dream has come true for me today. Tiara or no tiara, that makes me feel like a princess…and a rock star… and a very happy and lucky person who has the support of friends, family and you, my followers!

Enjoy today, I know I will!

And if for some reason, you haven’t seen what my series is all about, click HERE to find out more about Mind Sweeper and The Fledgling.


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