The Fledgling Book Release – One Week and Counting!

ae jones w proofI got my print proof for The Fledgling today! Can you believe that in one week my next book in the Mind Sweeper series, will be released? Wow. The days are flying and I had just a small amount of time to savor the release of book one! Hah!

But remember, my followers, I want to release books so that hopefully my readers will finish my first book and go searching right away for the next one. Good philosophy, right? And as you know, I have been working diligently to make that happen. While all the hoopla was going on in preparation for book one, behind the scenes I was also working on the next two that will be released this year.

Book two is a novella about Jean Luc, Kyle’s noble and seemingly unflappable vampire teammate. The novella gives you a sneak peek at his past. Not too far back…but a fun time period nonetheless. It takes place in the 1980’s and if you think Misha is a character in book one, wait until you see what he is doing in this book!  I hope you have been enjoying my stories so far.

And before you ask…when I got home today, I ripped open the delivery box like it was a Christmas present and there my BEAUTIFUL book was! Hee, hee…the thrill of holding it doesn’t grow old!






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