To Blog or Not to Blog

…that is the question today. Obviously with the amount of guest blogs I have been doing for the past week or so to celebrate my book release, you already know what my answer is. Blogging allows you to ‘get your voice out there’ and for a writer that is a GOOD thing. So today, I am going to recap the guest blogs over the past week that I took part in. If you didn’t get a chance to go read them, then please do so by clicking on the blog names below.

Mythic Scribes – wrote a blog about secondary characters and how they play an important part in stories.

Reading Frenzy – answered interview questions which made me feel quite important about me and Mind Sweeper.

Romance Junkies – wrote a fun post about why a mystery lover (me) writes romance, or what I like to call ‘romanstery’

Reading Between the Wines Book Blog – wrote an article about how small details like food and drink develop characters

Savvy Authors – wrote an article about the power of using humor in your writing

Romcon – wrote an article about why paranormal is for me

Am I making your tired? Well, you don’t have to read them all! 😉 Must pick out one or two that sound interesting to you.

And….tomorrow and Tuesday I will be on two more blog sites that I will share with you to so, happy reading!




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