Mind Sweeper Release Day!

Wow, I bet you never thought we would get to this day, right? Well, we made it! It is Mind Sweeper’s birthday and how am I celebrating? Right now, I am typing this post, eating yogurt and wearing a tiara. Yes, you read that right, a tiara. On this auspicious occasion I spared no expense and went to the dollar store and bought myself a tiara and wand (they came in a two for one pack, so why not?). And I did this because it IS a special day even if most of it will be spent sitting in front of my laptop with my cat on my lap. That is how I write most of the time, so it makes sense that I will also spend today doing the same thing!

But I also have some really fun things happening today that you should check out as well. I am on two great blog sites!

Check out my interview on Reading Frenzy by clicking HERE

I am also on Romance Junkies today talking about why a mystery lover like myself writes romance. Come read all about it HERE

And tonight from 8-9 pm EST I will be having a Twitter party to celebrate all things Mind Sweeper. You can follow along by searching on #mindsweeper. You can also ask questions too, just make sure to use #mindsweeper in your tweet and I will see it. There will be other authors participating AND there will be GIVEAWAYS!

So before I end this, I thought I would share the selfie I took so that I could immortalize my tiara and wand celebration. Thanks for celebrating today with me!





6 thoughts on “Mind Sweeper Release Day!

  1. I’m totally digging that Princess thing. Can you believe it – Your Release Day. And you didn’t slip silently into it. I don’t do twitter to see all your promo there, although I have an account. So I posted all your stuff on Facebook. Hopefully it’ll help with your sales. I am so very proud of you. Hip Hip Hurrah!

  2. Yay!!! Mind Sweeper is on my ereader and I am LOVING it!
    (I was supposed to wait until I finished my homework for my workshop, but I figured I’d read just a little bit first. *sigh* I’ll be working on my homework this morning.



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