Two Weeks and Counting!

Hello all! I want to wish my US followers a happy Labor Day and all my other followers a happy Monday! Hope you’re enjoying the day (or night) wherever you are.

As for me, I have had a busy holiday weekend. I am gearing up for my release which is two short weeks away. Wow. I can’t believe it’s finally here. Last week, I gave you a recap from my cover reveal. This week, I thought I would let you know what else I’ve been up to. This has been a learning experience for me and I promised to share what I learned, so here goes…

I have been making some changes to my website. My banner at the top has changed as has the site color. I have also changed my Facebook banner and have updated my Twitter background as well. My goal is to offer a consistent feel or brand.  Since red will be an ongoing theme for all my book covers in the Mind Sweeper series, it made sense to fashion my social media after that color. And since my heroine is a rather bold character, I think red was the perfect choice to represent her.

I have added a picture of my book on my website that you can click on and preorder the book from Amazon. On my ‘books’ tab, I have also set up a preorder link for Kobo, and hope to have one soon for iTunes. Of course, I have my new release newsletter that readers can sign up for to find about my releases. If you didn’t pick up on this…it is a not so subtle hint to my followers to sign up for my release newsletter 😉 All of these steps are part of making it easy to find me and my books. In this immediate gratification world, if people cannot find things in one or two clicks, they lose interest. And we don’t want that!

I have also added the ability to tweet and like and pin my posts. And my Goodreads page also has a link to my blog posts as well. It’s all about connecting people to social media in the easiest way possible.

And then there are the graphic teasers…I have been getting some great feedback on them and no worries, they will keep coming over the next two weeks. I’ll have another one for you tomorrow. I had a great time picking out the right quotes to share with you. Hopefully it’s building anticipation for the book. The teasers are on my website, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Again…communicate and connect…communicate and connect…

I am also preparing for my blog release tour and have been sending out my blog posts to the sites who will be participating. I will share more on that next Monday and provide you details on what’s to come.

And finally, I have been working on my next books. Because while all of this hoopla is happening, I also have to finish the edits and covers and proofs and formatting on my next books to get them ready for their October and November release. From all of my research, the best thing that an indie published author can do to build their readership is to have more than one book available. So behind the scenes I am editing and working with the wonderful team I have found to make my books something that you all will want to read.

So now that my holiday weekend is coming to a close, I wanted to share all that has been happening this week. Communicate and connect…oh, enough already…you get the idea!




8 thoughts on “Two Weeks and Counting!

  1. If I haven’t said it before, I will say it again, I love what you’ve done with your blog, just LOVE it! 🙂 Such a simple change, but amazing color dynamic!

  2. God you are busy. All this plus the day job. I’ve been posting your teasers, and will try to post one tomorrow. Becky needs the push now for her Release Day. Hang on babe, it’ll be Sept 15th before you know it.

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