You are a Tease!

I have blogged in the past about a picture being worth a thousand words. I (the writer) need to be able to draw you (the reader) into my world. And if I do a good job, my words can paint a picture for you. It isn’t often that a fiction writer can pair their words with a picture, unless of course, you are writing for children. We all have our favorite story books that bring back memories and make us smile. Well tonight, I am going to introduce you to my version of an adult story book.

No,no, no. I don’t mean that kind of book. Nothing risqué here. I mean that I am going to start sharing graphic teasers with you. What are those you ask? They are quotes from Mind Sweeper that have been matched up with pictures. And if I do say so myself…they are fantabulous (yes I made that word up, but it works here).

This is the next step in getting me, AE Jones, and my book out into the world. Pictures grab our attention and pique people’s (and hopefully, readers) interests. Since I often call my heroine, Kyle, a “walking quote” it wasn’t hard to find some great ones to share with you.

Remember I am all about the marketing right now, which is so important to this process. Another part of the business of writing.  Between today and my September 15th release, I will be sharing quite a few of these quotes with you.I hope you enjoy these fun graphics. Don’t be shy. Let me know what you think!

My first graphic that I will post a little later is actually taken from the first few lines of my book. So stay tuned…

Wait a minute! Why am I not sharing the first picture with you right now? Well, I want to build the suspense up a bit, right? I mean these are called graphic TEASERS for a reason 😉



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