A Pinning We Will Go

I know that this is not my ‘normal’ day to blog, but I have been playing. And when I play, I like to share with my followers….

So I have had several authors tell me that I should be on Pinterest. And to be honest, I didn’t know why that would matter for me, the author. But instead of just dismissing it, I decided to attend a workshop at RWA Nationals about this social media tool. The workshop presenter talked about the untapped marketing power that Pinterest has for authors and, of course, my ears perked up at the word marketing. If I could get myself and my work out there in another social media avenue, I’d give it a try.

But how exactly should I use it? I know that Pinterest is big in crafts and cooking, but how does that translate to writing? And what the heck do I pin, exactly?

The answer (which I think is AWESOME) is pin what your characters would pin!

So last night Kyle took over my brain (as she does often) and created her own board for Mind Sweeper. You can visit it here. http://www.pinterest.com/aejonesauthor/mind-sweeper/

It is a work in progress and I’m sure Kyle will pin more things, including her awesome cover which you all need to stay tuned for on August 18th!!!




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